Types of Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils are used for cooking, serving, and measuring ingredients. These tools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; some made of metal while others use plastic material; some even feature removable parts, like handles and heads.

Stainless steel is highly resilient and can withstand extreme temperatures without harming nonstick cookware.


Kitchen knives consist of both handles and blades. A chef’s knife may feature a blade with a curvilinear profile near its tip; or alternatively it could have straight lines throughout its entirety for use as a bread knife.

No matter the type of knife, keeping it sharp is of vital importance. A dull knife is inefficient and may lead to injury; regularly using a honing steel will ensure your blade stays in top shape.


A staple kitchen tool, the fork is used for puncturing food items before transporting them from plate to mouth. In addition, its tines can also be used to create decorative patterns in frosting or pie crust.

Cooking forks tend to be longer than those typically found at place settings, making it possible to spear larger foods while moving roasts or other bulky dishes more easily inside of ovens or pots.


No commercial kitchen would be complete without at least a spoon utensil to stir with and come in various styles to fit comfortably into the hand as they stir.

There’s even a pasta spoon designed with teeth on its edge and a hole in the middle, to quickly pull spaghetti from boiling water. Other spoon types available for use include serving and soup spoons.

Measuring cup

Measuring cups provide an efficient method for accurately gauging the volume of liquid or solid ingredients. With their scale markings at different heights, material can be added until it reaches the required level – this process usually takes between one and four minutes and fluid ounces and pints can be measured as units of measurement.

Chefs often utilize dry measuring cups for powder ingredients and liquid measuring cups for liquid ingredients, with kitchen scales also providing more accurate measurements.


A spatula is an indispensable kitchen tool, used for numerous tasks in various sizes and materials such as silicone, plastic or metal. Perfect for flipping pancakes, cleaning a pan or spreading frosting onto cakes – they come in various sizes to meet multiple purposes in your kitchen!

Rubber spatulas are ideal for nonstick pans as they’re easy to use and clean up afterwards, while being resistant to heat transference compared to metal ones which transmit heat directly onto your hands – use oven mitts or use thick wooden handles in order to protect yourself.


Tongs are useful tools for collecting food that cannot be easily picked up with a spoon or fork, including asparagus spears and corn cobs. There are various kitchen tong types, such as long-handled ones for flipping burgers or grilling meat and flat ones to grab asparagus spears and corn cobs.

Plating tongs can also serve as effective tweezers, so you can add garnishes for elevated dishes with ease.


Colanders are bowl-shaped kitchen utensils equipped with holes that allow water to drain off quickly, ideal for washing vegetables, draining pasta or sifting dry ingredients like flour.

Colanders can also be known as kitchen sieves. While both serve the same function, sieves offer greater filtration through smaller mesh holes than colanders do and can stand alone or be placed on bases for use.

Mixing bowl

Provide yourself with new tools that help enhance your recipes, including wooden handles that can handle hot pans while remaining stylish on your countertop.

Build birthday cakes or pies using mixing bowls designed specifically for baking with. A mortar and pestle set will come in handy for grinding fresh spices or mashing fruit for yogurt bowls.

Cake server

Add elegance to your dining table with a high-quality cake server and knife set from this collection. Reusable servers are dishwasher-safe for everyday use in home or commercial kitchens; while disposable servers are suitable for events.

Cake servers are kitchen cutlery that feature a triangular-shaped blade connected to an upright handle for serving cakes and pies.

Pie server

A pie server allows you to easily serve wedge-shaped slices of various types of pies, tarts and quiche. They’re typically constructed of stainless steel which resists temperature changes without being bent or rusted over time.

They’re safe to use on nonstick surfaces and won’t scratch glass containers, with most models featuring long, triangular-shaped blades and ergonomic handles for user convenience. Some even come equipped with serrated edges to cut crust more effectively.

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