Decor For Kitchens

While kitchens typically focus on functionality, they’re actually very open to decorative accents that add flair. Art, kitchen-related pieces, and other decor ideas all offer stylish accents for this hardworking room.

A basket filled with fresh fruit makes an attractive and practical decor piece in any kitchen. Choose produce in complementary hues to draw the eye upward and make any small space seem open and welcoming.

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to kitchen decor ideas, it pays off to think outside the box. For instance, an otherwise empty back wall could become the ideal space for hanging an art print or collection of unique cooking utensils that double as decor. A kitchen rug also adds color and pattern while not competing with countertop or cabinet finishes.

Wallpaper can be an economical and stylish way to give your kitchen a stylish makeover without permanently altering permanent features such as cabinets or flooring. It works particularly well in small kitchens where its patterns visually expand the room.

Keep it Simple

Although kitchens must serve their primary function of providing food and nourishment, that doesn’t mean they have to look boring! With some imagination and smart decor ideas, your space can come alive.

An effective small kitchen decor idea that adds color is adding a splash of it! Here, kiwi-green wall paint draws the eye upward to visually expand a classic white space while matching floor runners add even more vibrancy underfoot.

Make an unexpected visual statement in your kitchen with patterned wallpaper to add an unexpected visual element. Incorporating blue-and-white patterns like this one’s blue and white motifs with other permanent features, like cabinets and flooring can be easy.

Displaying beautiful glassware can add flair to any kitchen, while framed photos or stacks of cookbooks make stunning centerpieces on countertops. Even utilitarian objects can look elegant when dressed up with beautiful linens or elegant wooden utensils; just be sure to reserve a spot for floral vases and petite candles on your countertop for optimal displays!

Embrace a Bold Color Palette

Bold color schemes work best when executed within a clearly-defined space. Spreading eye-catching hues across an open floorplan could quickly become visually overwhelming; thus decorators often recommend choosing an anchor piece such as an armchair upholstered with velvet fabric in your study or cabinetry painted in vibrant jewel tones for your mudroom as the anchor for your color scheme.

After choosing your statement color, add other hues that complement it and balance out your color story. In this kitchen, the combination of Rectory Red, Charlotte’s Locks and Down Pipe was used as its foundation; their cool analogous hues can be found repeated across counter and backsplash zellige tiles as well as brass hardware and lighting fixtures – as in this example.

Opt for warm hues like moss green or sunny yellow, then pair them with neutrals such as white or gray to create an elegant yet warm and welcoming aesthetic. Don’t forget to add drama with accent pieces – such as bright bar stools or an art glass pendant that make any neutral-toned kitchen seem more vibrant!

Think Creatively for Storage

Kitchen storage spaces can be challenging to create due to their multifunctional nature, but with some creative thinking you can find ways to tuck away everything you need for tableware and cookware display. Leanne Ford used open shelving combined with vintage-style china cabinets as attractive display features to help achieve just this effect in this light-filled kitchen, featuring blue-and-white color blocking as part of her solution for keeping the space balanced.

Small kitchens must make maximum use of every inch of space available to them, which is why this modern kitchen’s pegboard covers just a portion of wallspace while serving as stylish storage for hanging kitchen utensils and tools like rolling pins and knotty wooden tools displayed here.

Renters or those looking to revamp their decor frequently may prefer easy-to-remove peel-and-stick wallpaper, such as Ellementry’s neutral striped print, that is easy to change out with each season. For renters looking for temporary solutions in their kitchen decor, peel-and-stick wallpaper offers a great solution; its adhesive backing makes removal simple while remaining visually striking and versatile.

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