How to Elevate Your Bathroom Design

A bathroom requires the perfect blend of rough and smooth materials; using raw wood and stone as vanities adds character and personality to an otherwise contemporary room.

Large rectangular wall tiles remain popular choices in most bathrooms, but for an added dose of personality and character consider opting for alternatives like earthy colors and tactile finishes that bring the space alive.


Tile is a timeless choice for bathrooms, providing water resistance and easy clean-up capabilities that stand the test of time. Used on walls, floors or ceilings alike, it can give a bathroom an unexpectedly luxurious aesthetic.

How tiles are configured can make an immediate statement about themselves. In this bathroom, blue rectangular tiles have been arranged in staggered formations across horizontal, vertical and staggered formations for an eye-catching design that also helps break up the space.

Mosaic tile adds flair and style to any bathroom, featuring smaller than regular field tiles yet boasting an extensive variety of patterns and colorways that create eye-catching feature walls or backsplashes.

Mixing styles is an effective way to give a space an unexpected twist, such as this bathroom that incorporates wood-look tile with hand-painted pineapple wallpaper for a playful yet sophisticated aesthetic. Metallic accents like the trimmed mirror and gold tray add luxurious details.


Lighting is essential to creating an inviting bathroom environment and adding style and warmth. Illuminated mirrors, cabinets, and sconces can enhance any space’s aesthetic while saving money and resources with energy-efficient LED bulbs that reduce costs and environmental impact.

Layered lighting in a bathroom combines function and beauty, with task lights such as vanity or flush-mounts positioned either side of a mirror for optimal visibility when brushing teeth or shaving, ambient lighting from wall-mounted and ceiling fixtures, and accent lighting illuminating features like decorative art pieces or shower stalls to set a mood and highlight key design elements.

Natural lighting adds an inviting glow to any bathroom design, from windows and skylights to tubular lighting systems. Integrating all these components is the cornerstone of a successful bathroom design; once complete, reviewing sketches or CAD drawings is the final step for finalizing its layout.


Bathroom fixtures are permanent features connected by plumbing, making it hard to relocate without extensive remodeling work. Yet their design can have an immense effect on the style and ambiance of a space.

Considerations such as texture and materials, colour and finishes are integral components of a bathroom’s overall design aesthetic. Selecting cohesive designs and finishes throughout allows for an uninterrupted style transition from vanity faucets and showerheads through doorknobs and cabinetry hardware.

No matter the look you desire – from bold and vibrant to relaxed and understated – there are various luxury pieces that can add an air of sophistication or understated opulence. Finishes can play an essential part in elevating the aesthetic, from oil-rubbed bronze for an antique feel or matte nickel for modern designs.

There’s also an array of bathroom vanity styles to select, ranging from ornate cherry vanities with porcelain double sinks and minimalist console designs for smaller spaces to ornate cherry vanities with porcelain single sinks and minimalist console designs for smaller areas. Medicine cabinets provide essentials within easy reach while tri-view mirrored cabinets allow you to see multiple angles while shaving or applying makeup.


Storage is essential to any bathroom design, keeping towels, toiletries and cleaning supplies out of sight instead of cluttering countertops and floors. Furthermore, it makes cleaning and maintaining easier!

Your choice of storage depends entirely on how the room will be utilized; a family bathroom used daily by several members will have different needs from a guest bath or master suite suite bath.

Open shelving can add storage to a bathroom in an airy yet decorative manner, perfect for corners, vanity mirrors, or above the toilet. Its flexible form works great anywhere you might find space.

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