How to Build Kitchen Cabinets to Suit Your Needs

Design professionals can craft cabinets tailored specifically to your needs. A pullout shelf or lazy susan may reduce bending and squatting required to access cabinet contents.

Plywood cabinetry is cost-efficient and long-lasting. Made up of thin layers of wood glued together to resist expansion and contraction, plywood cabinets hold fasteners more effectively than solid wood alternatives.


Shaker cabinets are elegant, minimalist, and versatile cabinets designed with over two and half centuries of history behind them, fitting seamlessly into most decor styles.

Original shaker cabinet doors were constructed of solid wood. While beautiful, this material could be expensive and present environmental concerns. As an alternative, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) was developed as a moisture-resistant material to replace solid wood in cabinet door construction.

Dark gray Shaker cabinets pair beautifully with modern or contemporary appliances, countertops and hardware to create a transitional style kitchen environment. Or you could go traditional by choosing brass or oil-rubbed bronze hardware as part of a classic aesthetic.


Traditional kitchen cabinets encapsulate timeless European and American design influences, embodying elegance and luxury to create timeless pieces with lasting beauty that retain their value resale value for years.

Cabinets usually feature intricate details, such as raised or recessed panels with raised indentations or beaded details and raised or recessed panels with raised carvings or beads, to give an overall furniture appearance. Their hardware often boasts knobbed knobs with decorative back plates to further complete this effect.

Glass is often an integral component of traditional cabinet designs, whether as solid panes or enclosed in frames called mullions. To give your traditional kitchen an updated aesthetic, replace hardware with sleek metal pieces and choose a backsplash tile with subtle colors to draw out its character.


Contemporary kitchen cabinets combine elements from both modern and transitional designs for an aesthetically pleasing result. Their minimalist appeal withstands wear and tear while still looking beautiful.

Modern designs often incorporate simple cabinet doors with no unnecessary details such as flat front or slab front doors with little or no frame showing and Shaker-style cabinets featuring narrow stiles and rails for a minimal profile.

Sleek cabinet finishes like gloss white and gray are typical in contemporary kitchens, yet homeowners are increasingly adding warmer natural wood tones and grain patterns for additional warmth in the space. Natural stone also adds an elegant and unique element that helps give contemporary kitchens their distinctive style.


Modern kitchen cabinets feature neutral tones as a starting point, providing room for colorful accents or bolder hues like dark blues and deep greens to stand out. However, bolder colors like these are making a comeback within this cabinet style.

Slab or flat panel cabinet doors feature a smooth surface that creates the ideal backdrop for statement hardware. Their unadorned style also makes cleaning them much simpler as there are no crevices to collect dirt and grease.

High-pressure laminate is a synthetic material made of man-made fibers that comes in various colors and patterns for more affordable than natural wood options. While durable and easy to maintain, this surface can crack over prolonged exposure to moisture or heat.


Transitional style kitchens represent a compromise between traditional and modern kitchen designs. Their cabinet color palette often includes shades of white, grays, beiges, soft subtle wood grain hues as well as modern elements.

Neutral color palettes also allow other kitchen design elements to shine through, such as cabinets with Shaker-style doors that look fantastic when equipped with modern colors and hardware.

Tubular bar pulls and barrel pulls are staples of transitional kitchen cabinet hardware styles, providing both style and function while complementing the classic lines of cabinetry. Frosted glass cabinet doors or inserts are another popular feature in such kitchens.


Cabinets featuring handleless slab-style doors make an excellent addition to industrial kitchens. Composit offers two handleless lines – Maxima and Linea – featuring cutting-edge designs and materials; they utilize unique cuts, innovative color palettes, and contemporary materials that give any space an aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated feel.

Base cabinets are floor level storage solutions used to keep supplies and equipment organized and readily available for use. They may include drawers or shelves and may come equipped with different features like 1 or 2 height-adjustable steel shelves for maximum flexibility.

When selecting your cabinet style, opt for timeless designs that won’t become outdated over time. This will increase the value of your home if and when you decide to sell it later.

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