Do I Need Curtains in My Living Room?

Decisions on whether or not curtains should be added to a living room depend largely on personal taste, though curtains can provide privacy, insulation, and an aesthetic touch to the space.

Curtains come in an assortment of colors and styles. Patterned or plain designs can be chosen, while fabrics like silk cotton velvet linen are commonly used.

Light Control

Curtains allow you to control how much natural light enters your living room on days when sunlight can be too intense. Sheer and linen curtains allow some sun into the room while heavier fabrics with lining block out most of it. Plus, there are products that combine blinds or shades with drapery panels to maximize light control and privacy features.

Curtains can transform a space, drawing attention to windows or the ceiling and emphasizing its architecture. Curtains add color or provide neutral tones that complement furniture as seen here by Shawn Henderson in this cozy contemporary space.

Floor-length curtains create the desired effect of creating taller spaces while adding elegance. If long curtains aren’t feasible on any particular window, valance curtains offer another solution, as they sit atop standard panel curtains to hide hardware used to hang them and still achieve an elegant aesthetic.


Curtains provide an additional level of privacy that other window treatments, like shades or blinds, don’t. Plus they help insulate a room and dampen sound waves!

Fabric and material choices of curtains can significantly influence how light enters a space. Sheer fabrics allow in natural light while not completely blocking it out, while heavier or semi-opaque fabrics such as silk and linen provide more privacy while looking elegant and formal. If complete insulation and privacy is desired, blackout curtains are available with special lining to block out sunlight completely.

Drapes don’t just need to be limited to windows in a living room – they can add a luxurious aesthetic by hanging over doorways, glass partitions and archways for an eye-catching effect. Here, lush satin curtains have been used to make it feel more intimate while creating a focal point within this home’s decor.


Curtains can make an eye-catching statement in a room, or blend in seamlessly to compliment furniture, rugs and wall art. Their sheer size can even elevate a space.

Curtain color is one of the key aesthetic factors to keep in mind when decorating any room. Light grey curtains may work best in neutral spaces while still allowing natural light to illuminate. Bolder colors like navy blue or hunter green add depth and interest to living spaces.

Curtains can also be customized with decorative trim or fringe to add texture and flair to a space. Trimmings can either be sewn on by hand or purchased as ready-made accents for your living room. Some curtains even combine fashion and functionality by combining thermal insulation with an elegant layer of tulle for an unconventional combination that melds both style and practicality into one stylish package, like this highly-rated style available on Wayfair that blends thermal insulation with stylish layers of tulle for the best of both worlds!


Curtains allow homeowners to control the amount of sunlight and light color entering a room. Curtains also offer privacy by shielding unwanted views, noise or dust. Curtains could be particularly important in homes located in busy areas where residents frequently encounter neighbors, onlookers or traffic; adding them could provide much-needed shelter from view or noise pollution.

Different colors and textures of curtains can transform a living space depending on its design, creating drama, luxury, and opulence. When used properly however, curtains can create the desired effects; otherwise their improper hanging may alter proportions of a room making it appear unfinished and incomplete.

When selecting curtains for a living room, window height must be taken into account when selecting curtains. Curtains that brush the floor or are slightly longer than the window sill add an opulent feel while those that hang down and bend in the middle like those seen here by Bask Interiors make an ideal contemporary space as they provide privacy while remaining stylish.

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