Advanced Roofing Succeeds in a Hurricane-Prone Market

Advanced Roofing has emerged as one of Florida’s premier commercial contractors thanks to strategic acquisitions and diversification strategies, while remaining hurricane resilient in an unpredictable market.

Asphalt shingles and shakes provide weatherproofing at an economical cost while adding beauty. Their wide variety of colors and textures gives homeowners ample choices.

1. Energy Efficiency

An effective roof system can lower energy costs while improving comfort and occupant health. Clay and concrete tiles, made of more eco-friendly materials compared to asphalt roofs, tend to do a better job at trapping heat during the winter and releasing it during the summer.

An UD researcher and his team created a monolithic panel that can replace individual roofing components and expand in high winds, known as Shenton’s “bread”. Its outer layer — known as its “bread” — consists of recycled paper infused with biobased resin; 12 inches of foam core provides inherent insulation; while its impermeable weatherproof coating and impregnable weather-resin bonded bioresins act as impermeable weather coating and superior structural integrity. Furthermore, its unique design resists holes, cracks or fissures seen with other roof systems; project funding came from National Science Foundation grants.

2. Longevity

Slate roofs have an average lifespan of over 100 years, meaning you won’t need to replace your commercial roofing system in the near future. Slate is also considered greener than asphalt shingles since you won’t waste additional resources building a new one every 25-30 years. When choosing a contractor, be sure to inquire about their experience modification rating (EMR) and safety protocol; those with lower EMR’s typically employ safer employees who experience less workplace injuries which helps lower insurance premiums and retain profitability of business operations.

3. Environmentally Friendly

As climates have changed and new technologies have advanced, so has roofing. Some of today’s most advanced roofs use TPO or PVC fabrics that are eco-friendly and require less frequent repairs than traditional shingle roofs.

Advanced Roofing’s dedication to cultivating an environment of high morale extends beyond wages and benefits; their full-time quality control division is available 24/7 for inspection of jobsites as well as training services.

Safety First has an extensive safety program, including mandatory weekly meetings, trainings and quarterly events like boat cruises and indoor soccer tournaments. They are members of Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Association (FRSA), Roof Connect as well as GAF Master Elite contractor status with Construction Association of South Florida awards for craftsmanship.

5. Cost

Advanced Roofing understands the significance of offering quality work at competitive prices in an area vulnerable to hurricanes, while supporting legal immigration reform initiatives and maintaining an engaged and productive workforce.

Safety at Advanced Green Technologies is taken seriously and regularly conducted inspections are carried out, offering training and education to employees as well as sponsoring an Apprenticeship Program with American Roofing Contractors Association. In recognition of their hard work in creating an enjoyable work environment and offering superior craftsmanship, Advanced Green Technologies have earned multiple Florida Roofing Contractors Association Craftsmanship Awards with an EMR rating of 0.63; additionally they have expanded into solar through Advanced Green Technologies with projects completed for COSTEX Tractor Parts, Miami Gardens City Hall and even U.S. Navy projects among many other notable organizations.

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