Durable Kitchen Accessories For Cooking, Baking and Serving

Make sure you have all of the proper kitchen tools for cooking, baking and serving by selecting durable yet useful accessories. Find useful tools like a mandolin slicer that can also julienne and puree vegetables as well as sturdy pair of tongs to flip meat on the grill.

Bamboo Trivets

Protect tables and countertops from hot pots, pans, and serving dishes with bamboo trivets – stylish heatproof mats which take up minimal space on kitchen countertops!

They can help protect forests while offering a pleasant natural aroma, plus they’re more durable than silicone trivets and easier to clean than some options.

The Totally Bamboo expandable bamboo trivet can be customized to your individual needs, expanding from 8-1/2 to 11-1/2 inches wide for accommodating different serving platters. Perfect as a thoughtful present or for protecting table and counter surfaces from scorch marks!

Splatter Guard

Splatter guards can be especially beneficial to those who frequently engage in stovetop cooking that involves oil or other liquids, protecting their stove top from any unwanted messes. This kitchen gadget typically consists of a metal mesh screen fitted with handles for ease of use that fits securely over any pan.

Splatter guards help keep any droplets from damaging your stove or countertop, reducing time spent scrubbing. For ease of cleaning in between uses, the best guards feature simple designs with dishwasher-safe parts for easier maintenance – this stainless-steel one even has grooved rings to fit different sized pans as well as an anti-spillage soft handle to hold in place!

Defrost & Cut Board

Defrost food quickly with this practical kitchen accessory! This combination cutting board features an aluminum plate on one side that conducts heat from the air to quickly defrost foods while being gentle on knives.

On the reverse side of this board is a plastic chopping surface designed for safe cutting with extra slip resistance, featuring an integrated juice groove to collect liquid released during defrosting for easy disposal and ensure an hygienic countertop environment.

This versatile device does more than defrost food; it also features knife sharpening capabilities, grinder and grater for cooking purposes – saving both space in your kitchen and making cleanup simple.

Cord Organizer

Cord organizers can act as superheroes for your cables, keeping them neatly out of sight to reduce trip hazards and keep appliances looking tidier. Furthermore, these organizers help safeguard cords by preventing them from bending and twisting which could potentially cause damage to their ends.

These kitchen accessories come in all kinds of forms, from silicone twist ties and clips to more robust cord wraps with color-coded holes for easier identification of cord bundles and location.

As essential kitchen accessories, these kitchen accessories provide you with ways to present flatware or store condiments attractively and functionally in your home.

Measuring Cups

Measurement cups make a big difference in any recipe, helping ensure all ingredients are measured accurately for consistent results. Dry measuring cups work great for dry ingredients like flour and sugar while liquid measuring cups work better when measuring liquids such as water, oil or yogurt that may have high viscosities or high vapor points.

Cogswell recommends sets that include both dry and liquid measuring cups in 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, 1 cup sizes with matching measuring spoons for best results. Look for high quality materials that won’t break or melt if accidentally dropped onto hot surfaces.

Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons serve a multitude of roles in the kitchen. From stirring, scraping and serving food at high temperatures to not scratching metal pots or pans – wooden spoons perform multiple duties without ever scratching!

Metal spoons may react with acidic foods and cause flavor changes in food; wood spoons do not. Plus, wood is great for stirring thick stews!

Select wooden spoons crafted from quality hard woods like Cherry, Maple or Olive for optimal performance. These dense and sturdy woods are less likely to crack than softwoods; to maintain their look over time simply rub with oil every so often.

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