5 Design Ideas For Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen is an essential space that must remain functional for years, while still looking its best. These ideas will provide an exciting makeover on a tight budget or give it some flair – no matter the scope.

Whittney Parkinson Design knows the power of paint color is immense, using complementary hues like those employed by them to give any room an energetic vibe.

Drawers & Cabinets

Cabinets can store an abundance of items, but they also have the ability to become disorganized and disorganized over time. Paper clips, old batteries and pens often become misplaced within them – becoming lost in a sea of clutter.

Drawers provide an effective and timesaving means of organizing everything from cutlery and utensils to cookware and baking supplies. Consider switching out lower cabinets for deep drawers for quicker access – without reaching or bending over to pull items from behind cabinets!

Add drawer dividers and baskets or lidded containers with lids to help organize items, while printed labels help you quickly identify where items are stored.


With shelves, interior designer Lindsey Putzier recommends creating stylish spaces while serving their intended function – be it to showcase vases or store kitchen items like chopping boards, tumblers and spices. Shelving can provide an effective way to bring color and life to dull rooms while simultaneously adding practical storage solutions. “Light colored countertops may actually benefit from reflective shelves rather than absorb them,” Putzier suggests.

Shelving can provide an attractive visual break from heavy woods or plain walls. A shelf made of natural material like this one from Dunelm is perfect for boho or coastal grandmother decor schemes, providing a visual break without losing functionality.

Finding the ideal shelf for your space involves considering both size and the objects it will store, with both factors having nearly equal influence in determining your decision. For a modern take on storage, check out West Elm’s Irving shelf; reviews say its sturdy construction makes assembly straightforward while offering ample height and depth for books or other objects.


Ikea shelving systems make a dramatic statement in any kitchen. Showcase pretty dishes while providing essential storage space for foil, parchment paper and plastic bags – not to mention other essentials!

Katz from Twice As Organized suggests installing an adjustable cabinet door organizer that can accommodate various container sizes for easy organization of drawers. She also recommends hanging a caddy over your sink to corral sponges, cooking oils, and other small essentials.

An effective strategy when organizing cabinets is to organize items according to how and where you use them, suggests Van Buskirk from Neat Boutique. Pots and pans should be within easy reach of where they will be used – for instance near your stove – while baking sheets and serving ware should go into another cabinet nearby.

Wire Racks

Wire racks may seem like simple kitchen accessories, but they can actually serve a multitude of tasks. At Beast’s tiny Portland, Oregon restaurant they serve as mini prep stations for front-of-house staff as well as providing storage for supplies like rubber cleaning gloves and dish towels.

This space-saving storage shelf is sturdy, flexible, and oven safe – an ideal combination for most half-baking sheets! With ample cooling room provided by its grid surface for cakes and cookies; plus it makes an excellent spot to crisp strips of bacon!

No matter the industry or application, wire racks increase efficiency while decreasing expenses related to broken products and employee injuries. From stainless steel and epoxy options, select the perfect wire racks for your business needs.

Larder Cupboards

Modern larder cupboards are an indispensable feature of any new kitchen, offering versatile storage solutions that protect larger supplies from being exposed to the elements while simultaneously protecting them from being crushed or dusty. Furthermore, they can host kitchen appliances such as toasters and mixers.

Husk Kitchens’ double oak freestanding larder offers an ideal way to keep their space organized without compromising storage capacity. Featuring custom wooden racks for organizing small jars and cans, it makes an ideal addition to your space.

The cabinetry features a refreshing, botanical shade of sage green that pairs perfectly with its crisp white worktop and dark oak kitchen handles. Furthermore, this practical larder could serve double duty as home bar storage space to store bottles and glasses for cocktail evenings!

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